Scott Foster & M.E. Foley with Brian Martin, Matt Hawkes, Bob Getman, and special appearances by Andrea Ward, Soggy Po' Boys members, and many more.


Welcome to Phoenix and the Bison

Phoenix and the Bison


In a cosmic corner of the universe where music pulses from the heart of celestial bodies and notes glitter like constellations, there sparked an unlikely cosmic collision. It was in the year of the screaming comet (also known as 2013 to us earthlings) when the blazing celestial entity known as Phoenix and the terrestrial, stoic powerhouse dubbed The Bison met, fated by the cosmos. Their paths intersected at the crux of a musical black hole, inexplicably aligning in perfect harmonic resonance. The result? An unparalleled, intergalactic journey through the wormhole of sonic wizardry.

Phoenix, originally hailing from the Planet of Plucked Strings, was a virtuoso on the guitar and piano. He played melodies that could summon supernovas and spark interstellar love affairs. It's said his strumming on the six strings could warp space-time, and his dancing on the piano ivories could coax shooting stars out of the shyest galaxies.

The Bison, from the humble planet Drumbeloid 7, was a monolith in his own right. His voice carried the weight of colliding galaxies and the raw, primitive power of the cosmos. When he wasn't bending the sound barriers with his bone-rattling vocals, The Bison would often be found rumbling out rhythmic thunderstorms on the drums or fuzzing up the fabric of reality with his bass lines, his unique sonic vibrations resonating with the music of the spheres.

Intriguingly, both entities had a recent gravitation toward orchestration, expanding their cosmic toolbox, bringing together symphonic supernovas and melodious meteor showers to enhance their already awe-inspiring musical odyssey.

The celestial duo had more than just music in common, though. Their love for chess was as profound as their passion for melodious symphony. They'd often play on their custom cosmic chessboard, where each piece was a miniature celestial body, the pawns were moons, the rooks were dwarf planets, the knights were comets, the bishops were nebulas, the queen was a pulsar, and the king was a supermassive black hole. The endgame was often as explosive as a supernova and as cunningly complex as a quantum entanglement.

Phoenix and The Bison – the harmony of their frequencies had an uncanny synchronicity, as if their respective planetary orbits were cosmically predestined to revolve around the shared sun of their creative synergy. Their music was not merely heard, it was experienced – an event horizon of rhythm, melody, and emotion, coalescing into something much more than its cosmic components.

They danced on the nebulous tightrope between reality and fantasy, never slipping, always harmonizing, and ever radiating music that was as vast and complex as the universe itself. Their performances were grand cosmic ballets, marked by solar flares of inspiration and black hole-intense moments of emotion.

So, gentle beings of the universe, prepare for the voyage. As the comet of Phoenix and The Bison's creativity streaks across your celestial sphere, you're not just listening to a band. You're embarking on a journey – an interstellar odyssey where music forms the constellations, and every note is a tale spun from the fabric of the cosmos itself. Hold on tight to your spaceship; the next sonic wormhole is just around the bend.