Welcome to the music of Slant of Light:

(Tin Cans on a String - 2021)

Fruition - 2014 - with Aaron Zak, Kevin Harvey, Jenee Force, Aaron Rosenthal, recorded by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak, mastered by Nick Zampiello, Rob Gonnella

Treading Water - 2011 - with Aaron Zak, Lauren Parker, recorded by Ethan Dussault at New Alliance, mastered by Nick Zampiello, Rob Gonnella

Bare Bones - 2009 - with Aaron Zak, Adam P. Franks, Mike Nolan, Audrey Ryan, mastered by Nick Zampiello, Rob Gonnella

Still Here - 2005 - with Ben King, Joel Gray, Ken Nicoll, recorded and mastered by Jason Macierowski at Electric Street Studios

A Winter Fermata - 2004 - with Scott Foster, Spiridoula Politis, recorded and mastered by Scott Foster at Danish Gambit Studios

There Is No Still Place - 2000 - with Lyle Bibler, recorded binaurally by Lyle Bibler, converted from tape by Nick Zampiello

Is There No Still Place - 1999 - with Lyle Bibler, recorded by Lyle Bibler in a small cabin in NH